The Florida SmartCard is a smart way to save and a smart way to do business

We all want to save money and with our business, we want to make money.  In order to make money, you have to spend money, right?  Not anymore.  Finally, a program that is win-win for business and customers.

Businesses can advertise on the Florida SmartCard for no money down and customers can find savings that these businesses.

For the consumer: No more losing coupons, no more expiring coupons, no pre-buying discounts

For the business: No more onslaught of coupon use, complete control of discount, times available plus real-time reporting.

Set up the FREE Florida SmartCard App on your phone, then search for savings on the Florida SmartCard.  Sort by savings or distance.   Check out hours, directions, call or save as a favorite to use over and over again.

Pay securely through the Florida SmartCard. The App calculates your savings and runs your credit card.   The merchant is paid through SmartCard and you are emailed a receipt for your records.

Merchants can sign up for FREE!  Have complete control over savings offered, times offered, information on your business, multiple images, and information on all transactions and customers.

The Florida SmartCard is coming to Florida.  June 1, 2019 we will turn on the App.  Get signed up today to promote your business or download the App to save.

Links will be provided here shortly.

Florida SmartCard

SmartCard is a revolutionary App for marketing and consumer savings. Just don’t advertise, SmartAdvertise

Don’t just shop, SmartShop